Dear Editor:

In regard to the Love’s truck stop proposed for Spanish Valley, I would like to say that it will be an immense relief for the trucks that have to go through Moab.

I spent close to 30 years in trucking, owning my own rigs and running back and forth across the country. When it comes to truck stops, Love’s runs a tight ship. I never once was propositioned by a “lot lizard” at Love’s, nor did I ever see any needles laying around the parking lot, as opposed to another truck stop in Salt Lake.

Most companies have policies against idling trucks and their trucks have APUs (Auxiliary Power units). The new refrigerated units are low pollution, and have noise suppression, so they are much quieter than the older units.

I know how hard it is to find a place to stop and sleep, or even eat, so I advocate for the expediency in building said truck stop, as it will help drive down fuel prices in Moab and provide an eating establishment in Spanish Valley, where I live part time, just off Highway 191.