Dear Editor:

Life has a peculiar way of happening to us while we are out doing other things. Due to an unexpected but fortuitous string of events, my wife and I find ourselves in a position where we will be relocating out of Grand County’s District One some time in the not-too-distant future. There are many events which must take place prior to this move which will affect our timeline, which looks to be somewhere within the next year. 

I am giving you this information for two reasons. The first is to put to rest any rumors that I will be leaving the Grand County Council any time in the immediate future, and second to apologize for my responsibility for getting the rumors started in the first place. 

It had occurred to us to make the move as quickly as possible for a number of personal reasons which I do not need to elucidate at this time. I made comments to that effect which got the rumor mill churning. After more careful thought and consideration it became abundantly clear that to perform all the tasks necessary to make the move happen will be much more daunting than we had at first realized. So, contrary to popular belief, I plan to remain on the council.

It is important to me that you know how much I have appreciated your support, comments, suggestions and expressions of your vision for the future of the Moab area. I try to represent, on the council level as well as on a special service district level, what I believe to be the consensus of you who have voted for me in District One and for all other like-minded folks in the county. 

Please continue to contact me at to pass on your thoughts on anything we are dealing with in Grand County. Thank you for all your faith in my ability to represent your interests on the Grand County Council.