Dear Editor:

No Love’s truck stop in our valley. The entire valley will be impacted by this, from Blue Hill to Arches. This truck stop is a catastrophe; it is scary and dangerous. The health impacts from 57 idling semis is huge. Why aren’t the papers doing serious in-depth reporting on the impacts of a truck plaza on a community? The asphalt plant is 5-6 miles from my home, but its carcinogenic plume hits my house and we get sick.

Imagine what it will be like in the winter during an inversion with idling semis there for possibly days on end. Marlene Huckabay—whose house on Sunny Acres Lane will sit 35 feet from those trucks— has a trucker friend who just came through Moab and idled his truck nonstop for three days. This is a disaster; it would be incredibly beneficial for the papers to educate the citizenry about what can happen to our valley if the Love’s travel plaza goes through.

Kiley Miller