Part & Parcel is bringing its high energy performance to The Blu Pig on Friday, June 28. [Photo courtesy of Part & Parcel]

Bluegrass will fuse with rock, heavy metal and punk when Part & Parcel performs live in Moab.

The band’s performance is taking place on Friday, June 28, at The Blu Pig, 811 S. Main St. The free show begins at 7 p.m.

Vocalist and acoustic guitarist Jacob Moss is one of the founding members of Part & Parcel, which formed in 2016 among Denver’s music scene. After adding mandolin player and vocalist Mark Pietrovito, Moss said, “we evolved into a rock and roll grass band with some wailing guitar,” but they also a “genre-fluid” group that plays heavy metal and punk. 

Along with electric guitarist Matt Flaherty, drummer Clark Walloch and the band’s newest member, bassist Craig Passenant, Part & Parcel shake it up with a variety of tunes that cross musical genres. 

No matter the type of upbeat tune this genre-fluid band is cranking out, the audience responds enthusiastically to what it hears, dancing with gusto and sometimes joining the band on stage. 

All this is and more is fine with Part & Parcel.

“We like to lay down on the floor in a middle of a set, crawl through each other’s legs, take a shot of whiskey,” Moss said. “It’s a riot. … We had a guy jump up on stage and roll around when we played a wine festival recently.”

With this kind of spontaneous onstage behavior, it’s no wonder that the band has a focus on improvisation in addition to song composition. 

The band’s album “Happy Hour,” after which the tour is named, was released six months ago and is available through Apple Music, Spotify and CDs sold at their shows.

The first gig took place at the Beanstalk Music Festival in Colorado. 

The band then took a brief performance break by attending last week’s Telluride Bluegrass Festival, which ran from June 20 through 23. At this annual event bluegrass icons and other talent show their acts on stage and collaborate for jam sessions on downtown sidewalks and at the campgrounds. Here, too, the festival encourages performers to “push the limits of their genre.”

Strength regenerated and spirits inspired by the Telluride event, Part & Parcel will continue their “Happy Hour” album tour at The Blu Pig. This barbecue restaurant and bar features live music seven nights a week. Its website boasts that it has the largest selection of whiskey, tequila and beer in Moab.

The “Happy Hour” tour ends on June 30 as the band squeezes its final three performances into three days across three towns, visiting Moab, Salt Lake City and Pocatello, Idaho. 

“Most of our music is about our ex-girlfriends and how they burned us,” Moss said. “Mark, Matt and I are the same in that regard. We write individually and bring the song mostly finished to the band, and the band will kinda shape it to be a Part & Parcel song.”

Leave the broken hearts at the door, though. With the promise of an exuberant stage performance, Part & Parcel’s gig will get you and the crowd dancing.

‘Happy Hour’ tour comes to The Blu Pig

“We like to lay down on the floor in a middle of a set, crawl through each other’s legs, take a shot of whiskey.”

When: Friday, June 28, starting at 7 p.m.

Where: The Blu Pig, 811 S. Main St.

Cost: Free