Dear Editor:

OK everyone, it is time to think it over: Vastly simplified, how much is our quality of life worth?

We’re being told if we limit hotel growth in the valley, the city (and likely county) will not be able to afford the current level of services. Well, what will it take? Is it $200/year/household? $1000/year? $3000? I’d like to know some numbers.

I’d also like the city to annex more of the valley, to include more residents (and second homeowners, by the way) in the mix of taxpayers willing to pay for our own services (pool, city recreation, animal shelter, building inspector … ) and stop getting services “for free” from tourists. It would be foolhardy to cut funding from city and county coffers without knowing the consequences. Let’s ask to see some numbers and make informed decisions, because “free” is killing us.