Dear Editor:

This is the first week of Good News Weekly (GNW). The purpose of GNW is to brighten up your day. Since the world seems to be falling apart, I thought it would be a good idea to remind the public that there is still goodness touching our lives every day. Hope you enjoy.

Anne Wilson said, “I was driving home from Grand Junction, Colorado, a couple of weeks ago and came upon a single car rollover. I stopped to check and there were already five other cars that had pulled over and people were offering aid. It reminded me of what I believe is the inherent goodness in almost everyone.”  

Beth Logan said, “I was nervous about getting my driver’s license renewed and was delightfully surprised to find two compassionate, kind professional team members at the Moab driver’s license bureau willing to do as much as they could to ‘get ‘er done,’ as it is said.”

(I completely agree with the inherent goodness in almost everyone. I find this to be true because there are only a select few people who do not have goodness in my life. There are 5,253 people living in Moab according to As Helen M. Knight Elementary Principal Taryn Kay said at my graduation, “If we all did one nice thing each day, we could really have an impact on the world.”)

Janet Buckingham said, “It’s wonderful to see Ken’s Lake so full after being almost empty last year.”

(Personally, I think this is a good example of when it seems that there is not enough of something to go around, patience and determination will always bear the bigger gift.)

JoDee Thuesen shared with me that she is having a friend reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also has a new grandson. JoDee has also taken in a feral cat she calls “Sam” and she said she has earned the cat’s trust.  

Rick Hurt, a friend of Moab locals and a resident of Montrose, Colorado, reported that he played music with friends in the mountains.  

Moab local Vic Bruno celebrated an evening barbecue with friends, too.

These are all examples of friendship. I think it is very good to have friendship in the world. These stories remind me of that.

High school, middle school and sixth-grade kids graduated last week. I was in the graduating sixth-grade class. The feeling of graduating is a jumble of emotions with both happiness because you are leaving school and moving on in life and sadness because, well, you’re leaving the school where you had both good and bad memories. This is a good thing because it is showing the world a brand new batch of kids that could someday positively change the world.

Noah Strobl

Age 12