Dear Editor:

I was quite dismayed when I read in the paper that law enforcement only received one complaint about the noise during the recent Rally on the Rocks event.

That is incredulous because everyone I know was talking about the loud and obnoxious noise from the UTVs both in the city limits as well as Grand County residents. Honestly, it never occurred to me to complain to law enforcement about the invasion of the UTVs on our city and county streets. 

I live in town on Locust Lane and the noise was loud and noticeable  at all hours of the day and night. It felt like an overwhelming assault on our rural town. 

The Bowen motel is giving their guests earplugs. Enough already. We have reached the tipping point on UTV noise. 

Please, elected officials, help to preserve what is left of our rural community. Please do not issue a permit for this event in 2020. Not all events are good for our delicate desert environment or our quality of life.  

Barbara Hicks