Edward Allyn Stone [Courtesy photo]

On Thursday May 16, Edward Allyn Stone Sr. passed away peacefully in his home after a longterm battle with congestive heart failure and COPD. He was preceded in death by his father, Gerald Stone, and is survived by his family; son Ed Stone Jr. (Indie Martineau); sister Holly Stone Thorpe (Glenn Thorpe); close friends and caregivers; Collin McIntyre, and Nicole Clark; family pets Eyes, Zoe, Perseus and Freddie; and the beautiful amazing and wonderful Hospice Team at CNS.

Stone was born in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Feb. 16, 1955. He was raised in Denver. Like a lot of old-school Moabites, Stone discovered Canyonlands by accident, which inspired him to move his family here in 1983. Stone worked for Denver forestry since he was a young teen; this refined his skills as an arborist, which inspired him to start a career in landscaping, sprinklers and irrigation design. Stone’s son started working with him over the past two years, when he started having health problems. Having his son help run the business was important to him and to know that his clients would continue to be taken care of after he was gone.

His work was his passion. The commitment that he put in to his work and customers, shows today from the hundreds of landscaped yards and sprinkler systems throughout the community. Many of which will stand the test of time, and what better way to be remembered by. Stone had an unbelievable memory, and after 30 years could locate buried valve boxes within inches in anyone’s yard. He cared a great deal for his customers, and would drop everything any day of the week to help folks with water issues. He had an unbelievable way of always being “right there” when folks were in need. Many of his clients were dear friends to him, he lived for this interaction. Keen as he was, paperwork wasn’t his strong point, and often folks in the community say, “He did so much work for us, and I don’t think we ever got a bill.”

Stone was very charismatic, and was always surrounded by people who cared. He will be dearly missed.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date. Information on the date, location and time, will be updated on the memorial page and also on Ed Stone’s Facebook page.

In lieu of flowers, donations sent to the family to help with funeral costs would be greatly appreciated. Please contact edstonesprinklers@gmail.com. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.SpanishValleyMortuary.com.