[Photo courtesy of Samantha Bonsack]

Local women participated in the world’s largest motorcycle relay event in history, the Women Riders World Relay (WRWR), on Saturday, May 11. Pictured, left to right, are Lisa Roman, Shannon Mcintyre, Lara Prather, Elvecia Ramos, Lorrie Wallace, Lydia Jones, Moab Mayor Emily Niehaus (holding the baton), Jana Stratton and Yvonne Willden. WRWR started as an idea in August of last year by Hayley Bell who grew tired of being told there wasn’t enough of a market for more manufacturers to create properly fitting women’s protective gear, even though women currently represented 20% of the riding demographic. She decided to ask other women if they wanted to participate in a relay event to show the industry the size and passion of the female rider, said Samantha Bonsack, owner of Nut Up or Shut Up Riding Rallies and WRWR ambassador. The relay brought the baton through Moab and riders were treated to area rides before the baton was passed on to Colorado.