Dear Editor:

I empathize 100% with the writer who complained about the vehicles who almost hit him crossing the street last week.

But I would not blame Easter Jeep Safari and the Red Rock 4-Wheelers. Moab made the decision to base their livelihood on tourism. Jeeps are in town all the time, not just during Easter Jeep Safari, and some are indeed rude and inconsiderate. But the Red Rock 4-Wheelers spend an exhausting amount of time caring for the visitors and the locals during Easter Jeep Safari.

This year was my first Easter Jeep Safari. I was on three trails with the club during the week. Every trail started with a safety meeting where the trail leader talked about safety while driving, wearing seat belts, recognizing cryptobiotic soil and not stepping on it, not littering (indeed on each trail one jeep carried a bag on the back to pick up any trash that was seen) and keeping your jeep on the trail — not widening it, not making bypasses and not being a “bump wimp.”  

The work, time and effort the club expended and the responsibility they assumed for visitors and locals during Easter Jeep Safari was incredible. I am not easily impressed. I was impressed with the Red Rock 4-Wheelers.

Lynda Smirz