[Photo by Murice D. Miller / Moab Sun News]

Lisa Grady, right, taught an introductory class in screenplay writing at Rukkus Studio on April 11. Grady pursued acting in New York and Los Angeles with success in shows like “MadMen” and “Criminal Minds.” Rukkus Studio, located at 354 N. Main St., was founded in 2018 by Sallie Hodges and Holli Zollinger. Hodges said class participants learn about the basic parts of a script, where to source ideas, software, how to map a story, character development, dialogue and introductions. Screenplay writing is being offered at the studio as a four-week course with one class each week. Hodges said the next series will begin on Thursday, May 2, from 7 to 9 p..m. For more information visit www.classeswithlisa.com.