Photo courtesy of BLM-Moab]

Furniture dumped along the Colorado River was hauled away on March 13 by 14 Utah State University student volunteers with the Bureau of Land Management. Three couches in varying states of degradation, one mattress, a box spring, a rusty hot-water heater and an old bathtub had been thrown over the guardrail of a steep embankment between the roadway on Kane Creek Boulevard and the Colorado River. The mess was attracting wild animals as carcasses and bones were found piling up beneath the furniture. Students volunteering in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) river cleanup included, in alphabetical order, Madeleine Alder, Sara Blamires, Sarah Baldwin, Tyler Brooks, Hannah Gunther, Sean Hebner, Kerri Kessler, Michael Manning, Carly Reed, Shawnee Tebbs, Lacey Tischner, Jamela Thompson, Heather Upin and Lance Wesemann. BLM-Moab spokesperson Lisa Bryant said the students also helped to work on the Corona Arch National Recreation Trail. “The Moab BLM appreciates these students for setting a positive example and encouraging others to help take care of our National Recreation Trails and this beautiful landscape,” Bryant said.