Dear Editor:

As I was reading the March 7 article about Gardiner Properties/Wyndham’s new timeshare development (“Moab resort breaks ground with cyclist jump”), I became increasingly insulted. Maybe no one at Gardiner or Wyndham cares, but I do not appreciate “the largest development in Moab’s history,” or “the largest in terms of square footage and investment.” Nor do I think that employing 45 residents out of 200 “during construction” seems terribly meaningful.

As for “boasting more than 150 condo-style units” to a community that is grappling with essential housing, well it seems insulting. But they will “evaluate the needs of our guests” in the future. I wish that large out-of-town developers showed more insight into and care for how their business affects the life of people who have chosen to live in a “small” community.

Rita Rumrill