Rayce Walling [Photo courtesy of Alina Murdock]

Grand County Middle School’s March Students of the Month are eighth-grader Rayce Walling and seventh-grader Louraina Minor.

Rayce is the son of Jimmy and Amy Walling.

The eighth-grade staff chose Rayce as student of the month. Rayce is a student who quietly and competently gets down to business and accomplishes everything he needs to do.

School staff said, “He steadily goes about all his work and is a good example for those around him.” Rayce takes great pride in the work he does and that shows.

“In class discussions, Rayce gives thoughtful comments that show his own understanding and adds insight to everyone,” teachers said.

Teachers said Rayce is a member of the Honor Society.

“And not only is he a great student but he is a lot of fun, and boy, can he ever do back flips!” staff members said. “We appreciate and would like to congratulate Rayce.”

Rayce’s favorite places are Mexico and Iowa.  He said he loves to play sports, especially soccer.  His favorite classes are history and science.

Rayce’s advice to others is, “Stay on top of your work.”

Louraina Minor is the seventh-grade March Student of the Month. Louraina is the daughter of Ken and Lourae Minor.

Teachers said Louraina was chosen to be Student of the Month for many reasons.

“She’s helpful to both her teachers and her peers, she takes an initiative in all her classes, she shows motivation, and her smile always brightens anyone’s day,” her teachers said.

Louraina is a hard worker never hesitating to join in class discussions, they said.

“She makes a great recipient for the student of the month award. Congratulations, Louraina,” teachers said.

She likes to read, and she plays both the flute and the piano. She plays in the school band and she said her favorite class is English. She likes to swim. At one point, she said, she had 24 cats.

Louraina’s advice to others is, “Being kind gets you more friends than enemies.”