The band Steelbender 191 is playing on Saturday, March 9, at Club Rio. [Courtesy photo]

The Moab band Steelbender 191 is playing at Club Rio on Saturday, March 9, as a part of Poison Spider Bicycles’ Moab Thaw 2019 annual mountain biking festival.

The event is free with a Moab Thaw wristband; for others, the cover charge will be $4 at the door. Attendees must be 21 years or older and the show starts at 9:30 p.m.

Band members Rich Cleveland (vocals, guitar), Ken Heili II (bass guitar) and Steve Corn (drums) describe the music as “high octane rock and roll.”

“We’re not a cover band, but we do play some familiar favorites with a hard-rock twist,” Heili said.

Fans may remember Cleveland and Corn playing together previously in a band called “Iocane,” a reference to the movie “The Princess Bride,” while Heili has been playing with Steelbender 191 since its beginning.

“This will be our first event show this year,” Cleveland said.

The band takes its name from a local off-road trail.

“We felt the name of the band should not only fit with the tone of our music, but that it should be reflective of the local flavor of the town,” Heili said.

“The good thing about having Rich (Cleveland) is that our production values have increased dramatically,” Corn said.

“Adding a smoke machine and a light show really helps us engage with and entertain our audience,” Cleveland added.

The band is currently working on more original songs and are also looking for another singer/guitarist to join the group.

“We’re not a cover band, but we do play some familiar favorites with a hard rock twist.”

Show for Moab Thaw festival has a ‘hard-rock twist’