Dear Editor:

Rep. Phil Lyman from San Juan county has introduced a bill into the legislature (House Bill 257) that would force Grand County to return to the form of government the county had before — and has rejected for the last 20-plus years. This bill would negate the process the county is going though right now trying to establish what form of government they can have. County voters rejected this form of government before partly because it puts too much power into the hands of too few people, and that often leads to corruption.

Lyman’s county (San Juan) has this county commissioner form of government, and they’ve been so successful with it that they have spent one-third of the county’s budget in the last few years on lawsuits trying to force things to be the way they want. They have now asked the state legislature to use your taxpayer dollars to bail them out.

They can take away your right to have the form of government you have selected for 20 years, but they can’t take away your right to vote for the people you want to represent you in the new government.  Remember this when it comes time to vote for your new county commissioners.

Bonnie Crysdale