Moab’s Trashion Show is for anyone age 21 or older who may enjoy a night of dancing and unusual fashion.  [Photo courtesy of Resiliency Hub]

Don’t pop that bubble wrap — make it a sarong instead!  

Recycling has been a hot topic in Moab lately, and now it’s being made into hot attire at the 2019 Moab Trashion Show on Saturday, February 23.

Happening at the World Famous Woody’s Tavern, 221 S. Main Street, this event is for attendees who are 21 years old and up. A ticket is $10 at the door. Proceeds benefit the Resiliency Hub, a Moab-based nonprofit dedicated to going “beyond sustainability.”

The Trashion Show’s Facebook event page explains that the Trashion Show is “a portmanteau of ‘trash’ and ‘fashion’” and refers to “art, jewelry (and) clothing created from used, thrown-out, found and repurposed elements.”

Attendees are encouraged “to come to the event adorned in their finest upcycled outfit.”  There will be music to dance to while appreciating the creativity and style that is sure to abound.

Resiliency Hub board member Jeremy Lynch said the Fiery Furnace Marching band is rocking the party, along with DJs Bob and Cozy Soul, who will be spinning their own jams throughout the night.  

Mingling on the dance floor will be three Trashion Show judges on the prowl for stand-out costumes in the categories of “trashiest, classiest and sassiest.”

In particular, they’ll be looking for outfits incorporating items that have recently been labeled as nonrecyclable in Moab, like #1 clam-shell plastics and #2 colored plastics.

Nine “trashionistas” selected by the judges will be chosen to “strut their stuff” on the Trashion Show runway. From these nine, the judges will select their top three winners, who will receive prizes for their upcycled style. Lynch said the prizes have been donated by local businesses.

“This year we will have gift certificates from Moonflower and Eklectica, as well as additional prizes from Gear Trader and Moab Fresh Coffee and Moab Adventure Center,” he said.  

Lynch said about 200 people are expected to attend the event this year.

“It’s our major fundraiser,” he said. “We always hope as many people come out as possible.”

The Trashion Show proceeds will go toward educational programming and restoring the CommuniTea garden, a 0.1-acre lot on the corner of 100 West and Walnut Lane that the Resiliency Hub has planted with trees, bushes and flowers. The Resiliency Hub hosts educational and community events there, but the garden was impacted by recent infrastructure projects by the City of Moab, and Lynch said there is some work to be done in light of the changes seen in the area.

Moab local Deena Whitman said she is looking forward to attending the Trashion Show this year, though she doesn’t have her outfit designed just yet. Whitman walked the runway during the 2011 Trashion Show.

“It was a fun experience,” Whitman said. “I was nervous on stage, but it was really fun. And, I like the concept of it, building a bunch of really cool designs out of trash and recycled material.”

Fundraiser at World Famous Woody’s Tavern benefits Resiliency Hub

When: Saturday, Feb. 23, from 8 p.m. to midnight

Where: World Famous Woody’s Tavern, 221 S. Main Street

Cost: $10 at the door


“I like the concept of it, building a bunch of really cool designs out of trash and recycled material.”