Dear Editor:

Moab is on the map. We get plenty of free advertising. For example, a huge article in Outside Magazine last week (Feb. 3, “The Ultimate Moab Travel Guide”). Social media takes care of this as well. Why is the county spending $3 million dollars a year of TRT revenues on advertising to lure more people here when we are experiencing so much overcrowding now? Why not spend some of this promotion money on educating visitors about our fragile desert and how to act responsibly in it? This should include wise water use (remember we’re still in a drought), also how to properly put out campfires, staying on trails and how to properly [defecate] in the woods.

Maybe the travel council could work on other creative and progressive ways of spending the TRT revenue to help ease the impacts on our community instead of exploiting it.

Over-marketing of Moab goes beyond destroying our way of life. It’s creating the most severe issues Moab has to deal with: lack of water, affordable housing, waste/recycling, impacts on wild places.

We need to stop advertising Moab. We as a community need to take a stand and protect this amazing place we call home. Enough is enough.

Kiley Miller