Anja Thomas [Courtesy photo]

Grand County Middle School’s February Students of the Month are eighth-grader Anja Thomas and seventh-grader Tyler Mullins.

Anja is the daughter of Ron and Annie Thomas.

Anja’s teachers said, “Anja displays a number of traits, that when combined, create a terrific student, and person. To start, Anja is polite and reliable. She appears very calm. Her work in class and her participation make her an outstanding member of the class and a role model.”  

Her teachers said that Anja is very conscientious in all she does. Her work is done to the best of her ability at all times.

“She asks questions if she does not understand,” her teachers said. “Her work is detail oriented and complete. Anja has been an integral part of the varsity quiz bowl team this year. She lives her life based on strong principles, and doesn’t let others influence her in negative ways. Congratulations to Anja Thomas.”

Anja said of herself, “I like to bake, and I am vegan. I am allergic to gluten. I love to read and spend time with my goats. I also like to go to the mountains and to California.”

Anja’s advice to others is: “Stay on task and on top of your work. If you miss a day, make up the work immediately.”

Tyler is the son of David and Stephanie Mullins.

Tyler’s teachers said of him, “Tyler has many characteristics that make him an excellent choice. He is hard working, asks questions, is involved in school activities, is a leader among his peers, and is motivated.”

His teachers said that Tyler can be counted on to help his peers in class and to always try his best. 

“All of these qualities are why Tyler Mullins has been chosen as February’s student of the month for seventh grade,” his teachers said. “Congratulations Tyler.”

Tyler said of himself, “I was born in Lexington, Kentucky. I also lived in Michigan for seven years. I love to play basketball, explore and go to new places. I have a cat named Lulu.”

Tyler’s advice to others is: “Show up to school and try your best. Give effort in everything you do. Just have fun.”