Dear Editor,

Moab has been over-promoted and subsequently over-developed for the past 30 years and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

How can we as a community acknowledge we have a housing shortage, but say it’s OK to build two to three new motels a year? 

I would like to see more restriction on development, not less.

Abandoning traditional zoning has an air of desperation about it. Further, I don’t believe there is a correlation between shoehorning a bunch of new residential units into town and below market rents or sale prices. Real estate development is, after all, a for-profit enterprise.

The High Density Housing Overlay is an erroneous solution to a legitimate problem that threatens to further erode our quality of life in Moab.

Bravo to (Grand County Council member) Jaylyn Hawks for fighting against the tide.

Bruce Dissel