Dear Editor:

The border wall won’t work. Donald Trump thinks it will. 

Born to great wealth and privilege, Trump isn’t familiar with highly sophisticated technology such as ladders, shovels, cutting torches and battery powered grinders that have already been used to go over, under and through existing walls/fences. 

Sure, existing walls have worked along some stretches of the border. Folks have gone around the wall instead.  

If the wall is built, it will be interesting to see which administration-connected contractors make the money.  

Investing tip: if the wall is built, invest in hardware and welding equipment supply companies that operate in Mexico.

Trump has threatened to declare a national emergency to get the wall built. I hear that another Republican thinks that might not be a good idea, since it would set a precedent Democrats would later use to declare an environmental emergency to clean up our air, etc. 

In the long run, our environment is a much more crucial concern than immigration. So, Donald, declare away. Make America healthy again.

Bill Foreman