Dear Editor:

We in the Moab area have a unique opportunity to push an end to this shutdown. We have many citizens who are out of work or pay, we have impacted parks and federal lands and we have immigrants underpinning our tourist economy who feel threatened by the hyperbole over “the wall.”

We also have two Republican senators, who together with their colleagues, hold the key to a veto-proof Congressional solution to this stalemate. Sen. McConnell can be swayed by a consensus of Republicans in the Senate. Call or write Sens. Lee and Romney and ask them to lead a movement of Republican Senators to end the actual crisis of a shutdown. Copy Sen McConnell.

The wall is no reason to shut down the government. It is not wanted by a majority of Americans, and has been rejected by Congress in the past. Previous compromise legislation has been rejected by the President, so it is time to cut him out of the process with a veto-proof vote in Congress.

Larry Witt