[Photo by Kevin D. Brydie / Moab Sun News]

Visitors at the entrance of Arches National Park on the morning of New Year’s Day attempted to gain access into the park despite a locked gate as the federal government shutdown forced the National Park Service to halt services at the parks. At least one person exited their vehicle at the Arches entrance booth to search for employees. Arches and Canyonlands national parks announced via Facebook on Dec. 31 that entrances to the parks would be closed beginning on Jan. 1 due to the absence of federal funding to plow the roads following recent snowfall. The road remains open to the Arches Visitor Center, where people are parking and walking past the locked entrance gate into the park. The National Park Service said via Facebook that it is unknown how long the road will be closed, and said entry to the park will not occur until the snow and ice melts or until the National Park Service receives funding to continue plowing operations. The Arches Visitor Center had remained opened through Dec. 31 despite the federal government shutdown by using donated funds from the Utah Office of Tourism. [Photo by Kevin D. Brydie / Moab Sun News]