[Courtesy photo]

Grand County Middle School’s Honor Society is hosting its annual fundraiser called Chuck-Your-Change through Dec. 18. 

Grand County Middle School (GCMS) students pictured, standing in the back row from left to right, are Rayce Walling, Natalie Haase and Maggie Groene. Draven Shaw and Madi Butler are pictured kneeling in the front row.

The fundraiser benefits the Utah Foster Care Foundation by helping to pay foster children’s expenses for music lessons, sports team fees, Christmas gifts and more. Each year, teachers and students volunteer to do some “wild and crazy things” if the money raised reaches certain amounts. Goat-kissing, hair-dyeing, leg-waxing (male), pie-throwing and Mill Creek diving, to name a few, are lined up for this year. 

The middle school raised $1,600 for the foundation last year and is hoping to exceed that amount with this year’s donations.

The honor society students said businesses are welcome to donate, as well as families, and friends of students at the school, and said all money raised will stay in the Moab-area community. [Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]