[Courtesy photo]

Nixon Curtis is Helen M. Knight Elementary’s Student of the Month for December.

He is the son of Clint and Tonya Curtis. Nixon is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Torgerson’s class.

Nixon was nominated for his even-tempered, yet charismatic personality.

“He’s a problem solver by nature, and he uses this quality on a daily basis, whether it be with schoolwork or helping resolve a problem among peers in the classroom or the playground,” Torgerson said. “He’s also one of the hardest working students I’ve ever had.”

Nixon’s teachers said he has excellent leadership skills and he holds himself to a high standard.

“That being said, Nixon isn’t arrogant about his abilities, he just shows up every day with a humble attitude and a warrior work ethic,” Torgerson said. “He has a kind heart with a tender spot for those around him who may need a little extra encouragement, and he is really great at just seeing what needs to be done and pitching in to do it.”

Torgerson said that on top of all those great qualities, Nixon has “impeccable taste in socks.”

“I can count on him to rock some awesome socks that are sure to always make you smile,” his teacher said. “The world is yours, Nixon. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.”