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Grand County Middle School has chosen seventh-grader Malina Paerschke-O’Brien and eighth-grader Jazlyn Rascon as its December Students of the Month.

Jazlyn is the daughter of Dorian Rascon and Rosa Rivera.  

Her teachers said Jazlyn has been chosen for Student of the Month because she is a student who works quietly and consistently while also being helpful to those around her.

“She sticks with a task until it’s done and is often seen helping her classmates,” her teachers said. “She cares about her school work and is a good citizen.”

Jazlyn is involved in after-school sports. 

“We want to recognize Jazlyn for her good example to other students,” her teachers said.

Jazlyn said of herself, “I love to play sports with my friends, play basketball, sing and write songs. I used to live on a ranch in Oregon. I have three siblings and have grown up with boys, so I am very competitive.”

Jazlyn’s advice to others is, “Don’t care what other people think, its only what you think.”

Malina is the daughter of Michael and Hanna Adams.

Her teachers said Malina has been chosen for being a kind and caring student at Grand County Middle School while also working hard at her schoolwork.

“She is always volunteering to help other students and completes jobs to help out around the classroom,” her teachers said.

Malina’s teachers said she takes pride in her work.

“She is quiet, but leads by example and students trust her. Malina enjoys being a cheerleader here at the middle school,” staff members said. “She is a great example of what it means to be a Student of the Month. Congratulations, Malina.”

Malina says of herself, “I was born, and lived, in Colorado. I now live in La Sal. I have a husky and three horses. I have been to Florida. I love to ride horses and to go snowmobiling.”

Malina’s advice to others is, “Always stay true to yourself.”