Nonprofits are partnering in Moab to continue their work in strengthening the community in 2019.

Nara Bopp-Williams, program director at the nonprofit WabiSabi, which runs a thrift store in Moab, said the organization will continue serving the largest cross-section of the community as possible through partnerships in 2019.

WabiSabi’s nonprofit partners are selected by committee based on guidelines meant to serve the largest variety of ages, cultural backgrounds and causes as possible.

On Dec. 4, WabiSabi announced there are 12 local nonprofits that have been chosen to continue to receive funding for 2019.

These nonprofits are Grand Area Mentoring, Arches Education, BEACON, KZMU, Youth Garden Project, Moab Valley Multicultural Center, Moab Solutions, Community Rebuilds, and the Family Support Center.

WabiSabi is also welcoming two other organizations for 2019: the Humane Society of Moab Valley, a past partner, and Rim to Rim Restoration, a brand new partner.

In addition to the partners selected by the committee, the Moab Free Health Clinic became a partner after winning the community poll, which was taken through the month of November and was available on WabiSabi’s Facebook page.

Since 2005, WabiSabi has donated more than $330,000 to its partners. When customers shop at the WabiSabi Thrift Store, approximately half of the proceeds are donated to local nonprofit organizations. Patrons to the store are given the option to vote after every purchase or donation by placing a wooden token in one of the nonprofit jars in the store. Biannual financial awards are given to each organization based on the number of customer votes received in each jar.

Moab Free Health Clinic wins community poll