Grand County EMS responded to one serious accident on north U.S. Highway 191 on Sunday, Dec. 2. [Photo courtesy of Grand County EMS]

The 3 inches of snow that fell in Moab on Sunday, Dec. 2, replaced a record set on that date in 1897.

The Moab area had received 2 inches of snow as of 2 p.m. on Sunday, tying previous 2-inch records in 1897 and 1983.

Snow continued to accumulate throughout the day as the Grand County Roads Department and the Utah Department of Transportation worked to clear the roads.

The new record of 3 inches was recorded at approximately 5 p.m. Moab-area weather observer Ronald Pierce recorded the measurement. Pierce takes daily weather measurements for the National Weather Service in Grand Junction.

The Grand County EMS reported one serious accident due to hazardous road conditions on north U.S. Highway 191. The person involved in the accident was wearing a seatbelt and walked away from the crash with only minor injuries, said McKay Vowles, clinical and outreach coordinator at Grand County EMS.

One serious accident reported due to hazardous conditions