The Moab Chamber of Commerce has recognized The Synergy Company as its 2018 Business of the Year for its contributions to the local economy and community.

At their facility in Moab, The Synergy Company manufactures over 30 certified organic vitamins and dietary supplements, which are sold all over the U.S. and to over 50 countries internationally.

Mitchell May, who founded the company in 1992, said that he takes a personal, hands-on approach to everything his company does, “from our custom ingredient research and impeccable growing and processing, to our in-house, eco-friendly, certified organic manufacturing and ‘factory-direct’ sales and servicing. Direct control means everything meets our impeccable standards of excellence.”

May was in a near-fatal car accident after which he was told by medical experts that he would never walk again and would have a life full of serious health problems. This sent him on a journey of healing, which ultimately led him to create The Synergy Company.

“Every product we create is my wholehearted attempt to bring the gifts of heath I received full-circle,” he said. “Our ultimate goal has always been to help people feel better and be happier. If we can contribute to someone’s life, they can, in turn, contribute yet to someone else’s life.”

What started as a small, home-business has grown steadily since 1992. Today The Synergy Company employs over 75 people, the majority of whom live locally in Moab, and is dedicated to its employees and to the community.

“We deeply care about our neighbors and our community, and we also know we owe much of our success to the dedication and hard work of our family of Moab employees,” May said. “We feel a very real responsibility to our employees, and we both honor and reward their service to us with our continued commitment to them, and our commitment to remaining in this locale as we grow.”

That commitment shows in the support given to numerous local nonprofit organizations by its community outreach team, which oversees annual donations, grants and scholarships to local organizations.

The Synergy Company also has a unique program called the “Employee’s Choice” program which makes a meaningful donation on behalf of every employee to a local nonprofit of their choice. Organizations that benefit from The Synergy Company’s efforts to give back include WabiSabi, BEACON Afterschool Program, Grand Area Mentoring, Moab Free Health Clinic, Grand County Family Support Center, Grand County Middle School and many others.

In addition, for the second year in a row, The Synergy Company has donated new shoes to Helen M. Knight Elementary School to be distributed by faculty to children throughout the year. When The Synergy Company Community Outreach team learned that there was a great need among many of Moab’s elementary students, they acted quickly to try to remedy it and have donated over 80 pairs of shoes so far.

Against the advice of business experts and financial advisors, The Synergy Company has established their business in our small town, and even built an award-winning, certified organic facility, customized for their production. They serve as an example to industry giants, who travel from around the world to see how this small-town factory can be an industry leader for quality and innovation.

The Moab Chamber of Commerce said the home-grown, successful, influential and inspirational The Synergy Company is, above all, dedicated to Moab’s economy and community.

“Our ultimate goal has always been to help people feel better and be happier. If we can contribute to someone’s life, they can, in turn, contribute yet to someone else’s life.”

Company shows dedication to its employees and the community