Wyatt Miller

courtesy photo

Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month are seventh-grader Reinee Roberts and eighth-grader Wyatt Miller.

Reinee is the daughter of Tyler and Angie Roberts.

Reinee’s teachers said, “She is always prepared and uses her time wisely. She asks questions when she doesn’t understand or wants to know more information, and she isn’t afraid to advocate for herself.”

Her teachers said that Reinee is hardworking, inquisitive and shows respect for her peers.

“When a classmate needs help she doesn’t hesitate to offer assistance and she looks for ways she can be helpful in the classroom,” her teachers said. “She jumps in and gets things done and she is involved in several school activities. Congratulations Reinee.”

Reinee said her favorite place is Hawaii.

“I can surf,” she said. “I am a beach girl.”

In addition, she said she also “loves volleyball and dancing.”  

Reinee’s advice to others is, “Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.”

Wyatt is the son of Michael and Dani Miller.

Wyatt’s teachers said he confidently works through his assignments and completes tasks to the best of his ability.

“Wyatt has steadily proven himself to be an outstanding leader and role model for his peers here at the middle school,” his teachers said. “Wyatt demonstrates positive social skills through his interactions with his teachers and peers.”

GCMS staffers said he is always friendly, respectful and carries a smile through the toughest of challenges.

“Congratulations to Wyatt, and thank you for your hard work,” his teachers said.

Wyatt said he is left-handed and his favorite class is science.

He said of himself, “I’m very athletic and my favorite place to be is on the court playing basketball … I knocked my teeth out and broke my jaw.”

Wyatt’s advice to other is, “Just be yourself and always try as hard as you can on everything you do.”