Artwork from a series by Katrina Lund being shown during Moab’s November ArtWalk. [Photo courtesy of Katrina Lund]

When Moonflower Community Cooperative asked Katrina Lund to be the natural foods store’s November featured artist, Lund said she knew instantly that she would create “kitchen art” for the show.

“My favorite thing is doing pen and ink combined with watercolors,” Lund said. “I’ve always wanted to do a fruit and vegetable line.”

Moonflower’s community outreach coordinator Stephanie Hamborsky told Lund the artwork needed to have a “Dark Sky” theme, so Lund, who said she “loves constellations,” created a unique series that includes seven sets of veggies combined with the night sky.

One piece in the set is of a beet, for example, while the other paining in the set places the veggie against a constellation.

“I’m working on five others,” she said. “I will be putting up new pieces throughout the month.”

Lund’s artwork at Moonflower Community Cooperative, 39 E. 100 North, is on display as one of the many destinations for Moab’s ArtWalk event on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 5 to 8 p.m.

The original artworks are for sale, as well as prints from Lund’s website,

It’s not the first time the U.S. Forest Service biologist has chosen to feature food in her artwork. For her first ArtWalk exhibit nine years ago, she created 30 drawings of muffins for the Love Muffin Café shortly after it opened.

Lund’s work was also shown in a third art exhibit in 2015 when she was the featured Community Artist in the Parks with the National Park Service.

Western art fans will want to stop by Gallery Moab, 87 N. Main St., during ArtWalk to meet Brent Flory, of Wellsburg, Utah, who is showing his oil paintings of cowboys, Native Americans, farmers, ranchers and animals. The exhibit will be up through November.

Gallery Moab will also show artworks of its members, as well as works of 15 other consignment artists — including ceramics and jewelry. Styles range from impressionistic to realistic and photography.

“Generally speaking, we’re all inspired by our natural environment — the spirit of the land,” said Deborah McDermott, a gallery member.

Additionally, Gallery Moab will host an exhibit from the Museum of Moab, as the museum is currently closed for renovations.

This is the final ArtWalk of the 2018 season, and two exhibitions are being showcased at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center (MARC), 111 E. 100 North.

One of the exhibits introduces visitors to a new online magazine called “Dust,” featuring art, poetry, fiction and nonfiction by Moab creatives. The monthly online magazine will publish print versions in the spring and fall. The October edition will be available at the MARC.

The second MARC exhibition is titled “Fuel on Fire” and features works by Utah artist Ruth Linford, as she details her return to her homeland.

At the Moab Valley Multicultural Center (MVMC), 156 N. 100 West, you can learn about important social justice leaders depicted in a mural by local artists.

The landscape photography of Tom Till, known for his photographs of Arches National Parks and other regional scenery, will be on display at the Tom Till Gallery, 61 N. Main St. Mention the ArtWalk and you can receive a 15-percent discount on any purchase.

Moab Made, 82 N. Main St., is another venue featured on the ArtWalk route, with an array of locally-crafted items. Even if you’re not a knitter, consider visiting the artistic Desert Thread, 29 E. Center St., during ArtWalk. And as always, 98 Center Moab invites ArtWalk attendees to make the restaurant their last stop for live music and Vietnamese “street food” specials to top off the evening.

Enjoy fruit and veggie artwork at Moonflower

“I’ve always wanted to do a fruit and vegetable line.”

When: Saturday, Nov. 10, 5-8 p.m.

Where: Downtown Moab

Information: For more info, and to see a map and list of locations, visit