Dear Editor:

I see from last week’s newspaper that the (U.S. Highway 191) bypass topic has surfaced again, so I am again voicing concern and opposition to one of the options for this bypass (i.e., bypass in front of the West Rim, above the Mountain View neighborhood).

A bypass will do nothing to solve Moab’s traffic congestion — which is caused by tourists, not trucks.  Any traffic that uses this bypass will most likely go through Monticello, and do we ever see a traffic problem in Monticello? (Ah, no.) 

While I understand that truckers would like to get through Moab without delay, is it worth sacrificing one of our neighborhoods to do this? (Ah, no.)

And while I understand that trucks are certainly much noisier than cars (according to consultant Lynn Jacobs, which I have a hard time believing, especially at low speed through town), they are certainly quieter and less annoying than the multitude of UTVs that swarm through our neighborhoods disturbing the peace at all hours. But, that’s another topic.

I hope you will seriously consider these, and other concerns, regarding a Moab bypass, and actively solicit community input on specific bypass options before further entertaining this topic at all. Polling the community similar to the “straw poll” at last week’s council meeting will not be helpful in moving forward. If you only ask residents if they are interested in a bypass … of course people would like to get trucks off Main Street. But if specific options are laid out, that will obviously impact specific neighborhoods and hiking/biking areas? That would be a different story.

Please make sure you get the whole story from our community, and involve Moab/Grand County citizens every step of the way.

Liz Ballenger