Dear Editor:

I have been a Grand County school bus driver for 10-plus years. In all that time, I have seen both vehicles and bikers run the red stop lights on my route numerous times.

As for the vehicles, shame on the parents who are in too much of a hurry (maybe they’re late for their yoga class) to show their children the proper etiquette regarding school buses.

Yellow flashing lights are an indicator that you should slow down and be prepared to stop — not, “Let’s punch it and hopefully no one is in my way.”

A red means STOP!

My route takes me along Fourth East in front of the high school. Without a doubt, the two constant violations are parents running late and high school students on their cell phones.

Our town is full of great athletes. I see a lot of them riding to and from the many trails in and around our town. You, too, are subject to the rules of the flashing lights. I actually had a road biker ride through a line of students boarding my bus at Cinema Court. Please get a clue: We don’t stop in front of you just to make your ride more difficult. We have a job to do. Our job is to get your children and your friends’ children safely to and from school.

To all motorists and bikers, please help us by obeying the rules in regard to flashing lights around school buses. Thank you for your help.

Steve Lawry

Grand County school bus driver