Dear Editor:

The recent dustup over the change of government dumped on the county council by a local Republican partisan cabal is actually a real win for the less conservative citizens of Grand County.

I personally have never registered as any party member.

I view this forced change as a good political benefit to the Democrats and progressive-leaning citizenry. 

Those two groups got chumped by the Republican Party. I guarantee that will not happen twice now that everyone knows the rules.

To quote one major Republican Party official: “We beat you at your own game.”

Very inaccurate in that only one small group of local Republican activists knew a game was afoot.

That is now water under the bridge.

Now that partisanship has been shoved back in our life, let’s not let elected and nonelected sneaky political partisans be rewarded for the mess they have dumped on Grand County.

Register and vote yes on Proposition 9.