Dear Editor:

The nation is quite obviously being distracted and divided by an orchestrated psychological operation. The results of this operation are easy enough to spot: an angry, stressed-out population. What may not be so obvious is the goal of this operation. I’d like to suggest our situation is much more serious than competing social and economic philosophies. The groundwork is being laid for something far more reaching: a mechanical tyranny so completely unnatural that it needs our population not to oppose it in any unified fashion. This is especially apparent in two recent and little-discussed developments: the ongoing installation of the 5G (fifth-generation) wireless network and the introduction of brain-computer interfaces.

The purpose of the coming 5G network is not a way for us to have faster downloads, though that’s how it is inevitably being promoted. The 5G network is designed to enable the “internet of things,” which seeks to connect virtually all machines on earth in a singular network. This will require the installation of exponentially more microwave towers in our country, including millions of mini-transmitters. This has extraordinary implications, both socially and physiologically, as the microwave power that will be unleashed on us has never been fully tested. These same MMW frequencies have already been developed into crowd dispersal weaponry by the Defense Department (they make people’s skin feel like it’s burning). There is plenty of research that proves such microwaves are unhealthy to life. Even more unhealthy is the ability this network gives to those who might seek control of the human will.

Simultaneously, inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk has said (on Sept. 6) that his heavily funded company, Neuralink, will soon be announcing the first generation of commercial brain/computer interfaces, which he promises will give us superhuman powers. “The merge scenario with AI (Artificial Intelligence) seems like probably the best. If you can’t beat it, join it,” Musk said. 

The website of Neuralink says simply:

“Neuralink is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.” 

We are training our children for a world ruled and policed by machines, so immersing them in its phony “reality” that they may willingly abandon the natural world altogether and seek merger with an unholy network. This is in combination with the development of a robotic warfare infrastructure and a political system seemingly destined for tyranny. This assault on our souls and consciousness is the true crisis of our age, one that demands the immediate attention of churches, academics and civic leaders. We’ll see if they look up from their Facebook pages long enough to say anything about it.

Meanwhile, I guess we are just supposed to hate each other over some reality TV red/blue puppet show. Divide and conquer. Heck, how else is the Boss supposed to sort the livestock?

I will talk about this more (and sing some songs) at the Moab Backyard Theater on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 7 p.m. in a show called “Real is Good.” It’s free.