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Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month are seventh-grader Rachael Harrison and eighth-grader Willow Nichols. 

Rachael is the daughter of Ermagene John.

Her teachers said, “Thank you, Rachael Harrison, for bringing your beautiful smile, your humility and helpfulness to Grand County Middle School.”

Her teachers said that Rachael has many positive character traits, but they all agree that she exhibits humility and helpfulness the most. 

“She quietly works hard to complete all of her assignments on time with a lot of emphasis on quality without showing off or bragging about the good work she does,” her teachers said. “Rachael notices when others need a helping hand and is cheerfully willing to stop what she is doing to help out. She seems to appreciate and want the success of others – even when they aren’t in her own social circle.”

Rachael said her favorite place is the library, and her favorite book is called “The Familiars.” 

Her favorite class is PE, and she said she is talented at drawing and art.

“I like reading, writing and art,” she said.

Rachael’s advice to others is, “Help others in need and do things that need to be done, even if you’re not told to.”

Willow is the daughter of Doug Nichols and Laura Kruta. 

Her teachers said that Willow has demonstrated outstanding effort in her classes and has been a role model for students due to both her work in class and her citizenship. 

“She has been engaged in all of her classes,” they said. “Willow participates verbally, often giving well-thought-out answers and questions that help everyone learn. When faced with difficulty, she does not complain, but tries even harder.”

GCMS staffers described her as respectful, polite, helpful and reliable. 

“She is conscientious in her work,” they said. “Willow also demonstrates enthusiasm and a positive energy in all she does.”

Willow said that one of her favorite places is the beach. She loves to read, and she plays the saxophone. 

“My favorite subject is English and I like music and art,” she said.

Willow’s advice to others is, “… try your best and stay on task.”