Dear editor,

The more we find out about U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the uglier he gets. He has spent a life curating his exemplary image and hiding behind his prep school and Yale pedigrees, but behind the velvet curtain is a whole lot of rot. Furthermore, step back for a moment and consider how extraordinary it is that someone who is a judge — and is supposed to be the ultimate arbitrator of truth and justice — could have lied brazenly over and over under oath. This speaks volumes about his character and what an awful judge he is. He should not serve another day in any court unless we want to make a mockery out of the whole system. If you know all this and still support him, please dig deep and ask yourself, why?

I know the Republican Party can find another conservative judge who everyone can be proud of, who is honest and fair — and is worthy of taking a seat on America’s highest court. Kavanaugh is not that man.

Cherise Udell

Castle Valley