Dear editor:

Look, this is simple: The Kavanaugh hearing is a job application, not a firing or conviction. The bar for rejecting a job applicant is not that high. Bosses making those choices should have the best interests of their institution at heart, not ulterior motives or the feelings of the applicants. Many of us in our careers have found ourselves not chosen as the best candidate. 

Kavanaugh already has a lifetime job on the second highest court in the land. Members of the Supreme Court must meet the highest standards. These are the nine most important jobs in the country. There are many equally or better qualified candidates for the job. The Republicans have the original list from the Federalist Society to choose from to make this court as partisan as they wish. 

They are rushing to closure now because they fear the American people will wake up to this Administration’s self-serving policies and nominations, in the midterm election. Hopefully the voters will install the necessary checks and balances in the House and Senate. Be sure to vote!

Larry Witt