Dear Editor:

I am responding to a letter to the editor from Steve Seats (“Local leaders need to speak up on immigration,” Sept. 20-26). I think the heading of the letter should have been read “Local leaders need to speak up on legal immigration.” I find this letter extremely accusative. The wording suggests that people who are respecting the law are frustrated, angry racists who demonize ethnic and religious minorities. These are strong words in favor of illegal actions and I resent these blunt accusations of law-abiding Moab residents.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) did not abduct people, they where arrested because they committed a crime. We do not have the right to decide which crime we can ignore and which crime should be prosecuted, that would be called “self justice.”

There is no division when it comes to what is right and what is wrong. It is very simple: the law is right. If you mess up, you have to live with the consequences. The brown-skinned, gay woman friend has nothing to fear. Being a woman is creativity and feminine power. Being gay is widely accepted and supported in Moab. Being brown-skinned is beautiful. “Triple threat” — of what?

Dorina Krusemer-Manne