Synergy Community Outreach Committee funds sponsorship

For the second year in a row, The Synergy Company has donated new shoes to Helen M. Knight Elementary School to be distributed by faculty to children in need throughout the year. Over 80 pairs of shoes have been donated since last year.

It all started when school counselor, Kelly Vagts, noticed that the principal, Taryn Kay, was regularly buying children shoes out of her own pocket. Vagts went home and mentioned her concern to her husband, Thatcher Vagts, who is director of research and development for The Synergy Company, and he immediately wanted to help. Soon the Synergy Community Outreach Committee agreed to fund a sponsorship to purchase the shoes.

Although it is only the second week of school, Vagts has already given away two pairs of shoes.

“You have to remember,” Vagts said, “although Moab is seen as a wonderful tourist town, the reality is there are a lot of families struggling. The cost of living is quite high and shoes are not cheap. Often, they are the last thing a family can afford to buy.”

Children at the elementary school who walk around in shoes that are falling apart on their feet are clearly self-conscious about it, Vagts said.

“I am so grateful to Synergy for this,” Vagts said, “It is so fun to watch a child come in to pick out a new pair of shoes and to see them leave my room walking a bit taller.”

The Synergy Company creates certified organic supplements and said it is proud to be a part of the Moab community.

Synergy Community Outreach Committee funds sponsorship