New play equipment, landscaping and fencing at the Moab Montessori Center

This spring, local community members rallied to help construct a new landscape and playground at the Moab Montessori Center, 62 N. 200 East, a private school for children ages 15 months to 7 years.

The center’s director, Jessica Driskell, and her husband, Matthew Driskell, took ownership of the property in October 2017.

“We knew that drastic improvements were needed in the outdoor area when we purchased the building, so we put that first on our list of things to do,” Jessica Driskell said.

Once they began the project, they were overwhelmed with an outpouring of support from parents, neighbors and local businesses to help make it happen.

“We were amazed at the level of support we received from the community. It was a true reflection of how the community feels about us.” Jessica Driskell said. “Our mission is to provide excellent educational opportunities for the families of Moab, and this outpouring of support shows that people love what we are doing and that we are moving in the right direction.”

To help offset the cost of needed purchases, fundraisers were held by XTreme 4X4 Tours and Pizza Hut, and others offered future fundraising opportunities to help with later phases of the project.

The center’s neighbor, Bill Winfield, allowed the children to play in his yard for several weeks while the work was being done. He also donated the use of his machinery and equipment as well as his time and expertise to help with the project.

Raven’s Rim Zipline owner Casey Bynum donated irrigation equipment and time and expertise to help with the new landscape. Moab Landscape Maintenance owners Ryan and Arran Barnum donated time and expertise, as well as the use of their crew, to help haul materials into the yard.

Many other friends and parents donated their time and money, including Tyler Palmer, Tony and Carrie Ann Marinelli, Terence Thompson, Zachary Lowe, Kari Han, Ryan Lowe, John Schofield, Nate Greenberg, Tony Rich, Scott Rabensberg and Jim Strawn.

“We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate the efforts of all those who helped. We couldn’t have done it without them,” Matthew Driskell said.

The new landscape and playground feature a colorful concrete sidewalk and patio, a lawn, an enclosed vegetable garden and giant sandbox both constructed with high-quality cedar lumber, and a new play area complete with climbing wall, playhouse and swings.

Cedar fencing was constructed around the play area to add to the attractive appearance.

“Our yard has gotten a serious makeover,” Jessica Driskell said, “and the teachers, students and parents are so pleased with the results.”

Matthew Driskell is currently installing additional shade structures, landscaping and a misting system as finishing touches.

The Moab Montessori Center will be holding an open house to showcase the new playground on Saturday, July 28, from 10 a.m. to noon. The community is welcome to attend.

Parents and community members support fundraising efforts