Dear Editor:

For some time I’ve wondered about reality disconnect when I see another ‘Come to Moab’ commercial, then try to go into town and deal with long lines, beau-coup traffic and noise.

Plenty of people have contacted the Moab Sun News about the negative impact on town by our (too) many visitors, so I won’t go into that, and just say, I more than agree.

Now, I’ve read where Ms. Gizler, the Moab Area Travel Council director, is looking forward to another big year for Transient Room Tax (TRT) revenue which, of course, means millions of people will continue to pour into Moab, overload our infrastructure and stress the local residents.

Apparently some anger and “vitriol” has been directed at members of the travel council; common courtesy and civility is needed here, but is anyone surprised by this? Our quality of life is being steadily degraded, yet the call goes out for more, more, more!

I’ve thought for a while that some of the “Powers That Be” could care less about what people in the neighborhoods want or need, but I was a little encouraged when I saw that a couple of Grand County Council members were at least willing to consider stepping on the brakes a little bit, or at least redirecting some of the TRT funds. One can only hope.

Steve Brock