Dear Editor:

I’ve never been so proud to be a Moabian — Yay, an American — than on the last Fourth of July.

This was the first Fourth of July, perhaps in history, that scarcely a firecracker was lit, legal or illegal. After the spectacular local fireworks show, and after a few cheers from a distance, a silent hush fell over the valley, as though the fight for freedom on the horizon is over and we can rest easy tonight.

No fire ban has stopped fireworks in the past, and this year the Grand County Council officially begged us to obey the law. Even with the super-dry fire conditions, I had bet there would have been some rockets.

I hoped column in the Moab Sun News (the June 28: “On guard against illegal fireworks”) (edited though it was) might help the swell of concern. Ironically, one whole sentence that was edited out was “Some might prefer quiet reflection on the [sorry] state of the nation” … and that turned out to be the case here in Moab.

As I have said, “We are a nation of people that cares for their neighbor.” That’s what I heard in the silence that rang so clear.

This year’s silent salute was largely in tribute to our neighbors who lost their homes recently. So, thank you Moab … you’ve restored much of my faith.

Marc Horwitz