Grand County Treasurer Chris Kauffman is hosting the summer conference of the Utah Association of County Treasurers (UACT) this month. UACT is an affiliate association of the Utah Association of Counties (UAC) and consists of all 29 County Treasurers in Utah.

“UACT has been an invaluable resource to me as a Treasurer in my first term,” said Kauffman. “There are only 28 other people who have the same job as I do and when we get together we are able to talk about changes in state law, best practices, challenges and innovations. The vast majority of the improvements I have implemented in my office have come from learning what other counties are doing and what is working for them.”

Kauffman’s involvement with the association started shortly after being elected in 2014 at a training held for newly elected officials. “All of the other Treasurers were so welcoming and they immediately offered their support and advice as I got my feet under me,” said Kauffman. Kauffman was elected to serve as the Secretary for UACT during 2016 and 2017. “I have really enjoyed serving the association and giving back because UACT has helped me in so many ways.”

UACT meets three times per year; twice in conjunction with larger UAC meetings and then once in the summer with just the treasurers. The 2018 conference is being held at Red Cliffs Lodge on June 13-15.