Dear Editor:

I’ve got a quiz for you.

When is the last time that you have seen the Manti-La Sal Mountains with no snow at the end of May?

When is the last time you have seen the Colorado River or Ken’s Lake this low in May?

When is the last time you have been stuck in a traffic jam driving through town?

When is the last time you have been to City Market and had to wait in line to check-out and probably first had to circle the parking lot looking for a parking space?

When is the last time you have seen how sad the Moab golf course looks having to cut its water supply to water fairways, tee-boxes and greens by 50 percent? It used to be a hidden gem for golfers from Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and other neighboring states, but not anymore. Who wants to hit off of dirt and dead fairways? And, how come Old City Park and Swanny City Park are green and lush?

Did anybody notice that on Memorial Day weekend, Power House Wash was barricaded because so many people were going there to bathe? (I am sure they use biodegradable soap.)

How do people feel about approximately 7,000 more people filling up the area south of Moab in San Juan County?

I guess the answer to the quiz is: let’s build six more hotels on top of those being built right now, and bring in more people while our infrastructure, for a lack of a better word, sucks — and why isn’t Kroger proposing a bigger store?

I suggest that all of the extra people lured by the hotel lunacy bring their own water because if we don’t have water those hotels will never fill.

Can you say greed?

Janet Landon