Dear Editor:

The La Sal Loop Road from Ken’s Lake to at least the Pack Creek turnoff has received almost no maintenance by San Juan County for over a year. The potholes in the road can do significant damage to your vehicle. Several large potholes are present in the driving lanes of the road. The road is essentially only a lane and a half wide in many areas due to large potholes on the road’s edges.

The lower road was damaged in 2017 due to the large trucks transporting heavy loads of gravel and asphalt for the road repairs near the upper Warner Lake turnoff. The repairs were not completed as planned in 2017, and the damage to the lower road has not been repaired due to the expected construction in 2018.

Safety requires that at least one of the two vehicles passing in opposite directions must pull over and stop in some areas. Night driving is especially dangerous as the large potholes in the side of the road cannot be seen after dark.

San Juan County expects to start the repairs of the La Sal Loop Road in early June. Until then, everyone needs to slow down and drive with care.

Bill Love