Upon the formation of Grand County’s Moab Transit Authority Study Committee on May 1, Michael Liss, organizer of Arches for the People, announced the cancellation of his proposed idea to create a transportation hub in a corner of the remediated UMTRA site.

Addressing officials at city and county council meetings in April, Liss spoke about the need for a centralized transit authority in Grand County. He said a transportation hub at the UMTRA site would provide a shuttle service to the park, as opposed to the National Park Service’s idea for a reservation system to cut back on traffic congestion.

Liss is now one of six people appointed to the Moab Transit Authority Study Committee by the Grand County Council. Members of the committee include Canyonlands Field Airport Director Judd Hill, Moab Area Travel Council Director Elaine Gizler, Grand County Community and Economic Development Director Zacharia Levine, and citizens Emily Campbell and Joe Kingsley.

The Grand County Council, moved by council vice chair Curtis Wells, voted 5-0 at the May 1 council meeting to form the Moab Transit Authority Study Committee, with the purpose to explore public transit opportunities in Grand County.

“It’s a much better idea for Grand County to think broadly about transportation solutions not just for Arches, but also for the airport, the mountain biking trails, and a shuttle network for Spanish Valley,” Liss said.

Liss said that after talking with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Utah Department of Natural Resources, he believes the best idea for the UMTRA site may be to have it restored to its natural state, and now wants to explore operating transportation hubs at Willow Springs Road and Salt Valley Road to create access to the park for Arches visitors.

“The newly established Moab Transit Authority provides the ideal forum for working together on these solutions,” Liss said.

Transit committee to study transportation needs