The Moab Area Housing Task Force wrote a letter to Moab City Council to ask for a budget increase that would in part be used to direct subsidies to eligible low-income households or developers of affordable housing, according to a draft of the letter.

The City of Moab heard public input on Tuesday, May 7, concerning the proposed budget for fiscal year 2018-19 beginning in July. The city proposes spending $150,000 on affordable housing in the community. The Moab Area Housing Task Force asked for $250,000 in their city letter to the city.

Goals set forth by the housing task force in its letter are plans to include incentives for affordable housing developers and direct subsidies to city employees to subsidize increased housing costs.

The City of Moab invites the public to weigh in on the budget plans. Citizens can discuss the proposed city budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year at a workshop on Monday, May 14, at noon in the Moab City Council Cambers, ahead of the budget adoption meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 22.

Comments on the budget and other proposals may be submitted through an online site,, where citizens may also create and submit their own budget versions to city council.

Officials work to mediate fiscal year finances