Sixth-grade students at Moab Charter School put the finishing touches on a collaborative trash sculpture for the May 12 ArtWalk. [Photo by Makeda Barkley / Moab Sun News]

Follow a map through downtown Moab and stop at 10 unique destinations to catch a glimpse of artists showcasing their talent, and learn about the growing trend of upcycling during the second ArtWalk of 2018.

Held on Saturday, May 12, ArtWalk has a fresh lineup of artists, including a marching band and the work of Moab Charter School’s (MCS) sixth-grade class, from 5 to 8 p.m.

“We’ve added new elements to the event. We’ve played with what time makes sense for people to come out and enjoy downtown Moab. The Fiery Furnace marching band has surely brought a whole new level to the event,” said Meg Stewart, Moab Arts and Recreation Center (MARC) director, whose organization has managed ArtWalk for the past five years.

MCS student Sadie Groene spearheaded a sculpture project using trash and waste found in the community. She enlisted her classmates, along with teacher Bettina Oesch, Claire Core of Resiliency Hub and local artist Tim McCallister, to help with material collection and the construction of the sculpture.

“Resiliency Hub has roots in recycling and reuse,” Core said. “We joined the Moab ArtWalk so we can highlight more upcycle artists and expose more people to the garden and the art exhibit. Ben Oberhand, Moab Charter School’s BEACON Afterschool club coordinator, reached out to me and Resiliency Hub. The board was excited by the idea of collaborating with sixth-grade students and inspired by Sadie’s drive to have a better world.”

The students’ sculpture will be on display at the CommuniTea Garden, one of ArtWalk’s 10 stops on the map. Tea will be shared with conversations about the exhibit.

“Participating in ArtWalk seemed inevitable, and it made a lot of sense to have as many ways as possible to invite people into the [CommuniTea Garden],” Resiliency Hub Board Member Jeremy Lynch said. “We want to get people into a space that feels different than the other things around it.”

At Desert Thread, a fibers and yarn shop on the ArtWalk tour, self-taught artist Becky Thomas is exhibiting her art, giving visitors a chance to take a look into the world of pour-painting.

“I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different media and how to do it a little more effectively … it’s very abstract, and pour-painting is always kind of a gamble,” Thomas said. “It’s kind of the grand experiment, there are so many different techniques and processes where you use additives and silicone to create different styles.”

Paintings and ceramic sculptures by Shari Michaud will be on display at Gallery Moab. A ceramic sculptor for over 20 years, Michaud added painting to her repertoire in 2010 when she was injured and unable to walk for several months.

“Clay is really physical, more than people realize. Painting is easier in that regard,” Michaud said. “Whenever I’ve had an injury in the past I’ve always picked up something, and with my ankle injury it was painting.”

Michaud’s unique style is something that is always evolving, she said.

“Right now my focus is on finding my own interests and not being swayed by what I think other people will like,” Michaud said. “It’s challenging because realism is highly valued by lots of people … for a while those are the kind of paintings I would try to make. Now I just want to do what I like.”

ArtWalk is held on the second Saturdays in May, June, September, October and November, with new artists featured, and encouraged to participate in each event.

“It’s been really lovely to see ArtWalk grow over the last two and a half years,” Stewart said.

ArtWalk is offering a prize drawing for visitors who stop at all 10 locations on the ArtWalk map.

“Pick up a punch card have it punched at all 10 locations, then drop it off at your last stop for your chance to win a prize,” Stewart said.

“It’s been really lovely to see ArtWalk grow over the last two and a half years. We’ve added new elements to the event.”

Charter school students collect waste for art

When: Friday, May 12

Time: 5 to 8 p.m.

Where: Downtown Moab

Cost: Free

For more info visit or call 435-259-6272