Moab will have its first PechaKucha night on Friday, April 27, at Star Hall. [Photo courtesy of Moab Arts Council]

Come learn about a dozen random topics as presenters speak succinctly about their cause, program, project or idea at Moab’s first-ever PechaKucha Night.

PechaKucha Nights — where individuals deliver a six-minute spoken presentation — began in Tokyo in February 2003, when two architects invented the presentation format as a way to network and publicly show their work. PechaKucha Nights expanded to reach a worldwide audience in more than 1,000 cities, now including Moab.

“Each presenter has 20 slides and each slide goes for 20 seconds; it’s a fluid movement throughout the evening,” said Rebecca McAllister, a member of the Moab Arts Council, the organization sponsoring Moab’s PechaKucha Night. “There’s no theme, rhyme or reason to the topics presented. It’s meant to be an inspiring event. I thought it would be fun in Moab.”

McAllister attended PechaKucha events in San Luis Obispo, California, where she’s originally from. In one presentation, she saw an artist describe his painting process in the sequence of the 20 slides. Another presentation was given by a nonprofit organization that removes tattoos of former gang members.

Presentations can be lighthearted to serious, she said.

McAllister gathered 11 presenters from a variety of backgrounds for Moab’s first PechaKucha Night on Friday, April 27 at Star Hall.

Aidan Newton, an 18-year-old Grand County High School senior, will be the only teen presenter, but as a member of the school’s debate team, he’s no stranger to speaking in front of a group.

“I like the adrenaline,” he said.

Newton said his presentation will be about systemic racism in the United States — a subject that is “incredibly relevant and important.”

The best way to deal with racism is to talk about it,” he said. “Spotlight it.”

The event is designed to create more awareness of what the Moab Arts Council is and what it does, McAllister said.

Meg Stewart, co-chair of the Moab Arts Council, described PechaKucha Night as a presentation similar to a TED Talk: short, powerful talks on a range of topics, from science to business to global issues.

For Moab’s first PechaKucha night, organizers sought presenters who have contributed significantly to the community, though they may not be well known, Stewart said. It’s a platform, and an opportunity to share a message in a creative way, she said.

The Moab Arts Council will kick off the evening as the first presenter.

“It will introduce the evening in the style of PechaKucha, Stewart said. “The council has been around for a while but a lot of people don’t know what we do, or why it exists,” Stewart said.

Through city grants, the arts council gives money to individuals and organizations for projects that support the arts in Moab.

“We’re expecting it to go well. We hope to make it an annual event,” Stewart said.

Arts council brings community presenters together for PechaKucha

“Each presenter has 20 slides and each slide goes for 20 seconds; it’s a fluid movement throughout the evening.”

When: Friday, April 27, 7 p.m.

Where: Star Hall, 159 E Center St.

Cost: Free

For more information visit:, or call: 435-259-2742